At Dynofit, we believe patient engagement is a crucial element in recovery and rehabilitation. Whether it’s taking medication or following an exercise protocol, the patient is in charge and their compliance will influence the success, partial success, or failure on their path to a healthy recovery. Our system helps physical and occupational therapist improve patient injury recovery with Flexdot™ and smartphone-based tools that support optimal patient behavior, provide visual, measured results, motivational metrics and games integrated into our unique, portable, easy-to-use system.

What is Flexdot™?

The Flexdot™ system includes a wireless wearable electromyography (EMG) sensor coupled with apps and games for use with a smartphone or tablet, and disposable pads to attach the sensor to the patient’s skin. The system allows a physical or occupational therapist to visualize, asses and track the biopotential signal associated with muscle activation as an exercise or movement is being performed.   The EMG signal can be used to track patients’ muscle strength or recovery, and helps target exactly which muscle is being activated. Easy to use in the clinic or at home, with Flexdot™ the therapist or patient can measure the activation of specific muscles, set goals and track sessions. For patients who are recovering the ability to control specific muscles, the apps help to see and understand when they are performing the right movement, providing a visual feedback loop to build on as well as motivational metrics to stay on track.

Who should use the Flexdot™ system?

Flexdot™ is designed for clinical use by therapists, for research, and for home use patients under the care of a health practitioner.  The system is affordable and easy to use, helping patients track and improve their own recovery  The system is affordable and easy to use, helping patients track and improve their own recovery while following therapist’s instructions.  The Flexdot™ system provides a smartphone or tablet-based support platform that: measures and reports muscle activity and progress with the easy-to-use wearable Flexdot™, engages patients with motivational games and metrics while they do their exercises, and tracks progress, pain levels and satisfaction with survey questions.

The apps and games are controlled by the patient’s own muscle activation, providing motivation and digital engagement while encouraging and tracking adherence to the prescribed exercise protocol.  When combined with a digital integrated care delivery system, the Flexdot™ data stream provides unprecedented access to the records of muscle activity, strength and recovery of the patient in the clinic or in a remote setting.

How has the Flexdot™ been used?

We’ve heard so many success stories from our early customers!  Among them were: improving a child’s walking gait, verifying a spinal cord injury patient was using his biceps rather than his triceps to move his forearm, helping a child learn which muscles to use when swallowing, and providing a child with cerebral palsy visible and audible results when reaching each exercise goal

Enthusiastic PTs, OTs and others have talked with us about many helpful uses for the Flexdot™.  If you have ideas, please share them with us!

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